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Leave your doors and windows ajar with the Edgy doorstop. Is your house damp? Are you having trouble with mould, condensation or musty smells? The Edgy doorstop will solve all your damp problems in a flash. The Edgy doorstop ensures that there is a constant stream of air in your home, helping to remove damp air and bringing in fresh air. Musty smells will soon be a thing of the past! The beautifully designed Edgy doorstop is made from hard-wearing, flexible material and is available in a great selection of colours. There’s sure to be a colour to fit in with your home decor. Great-looking, flexible, indestructible and scratch-proof – the Edgy doorstop offers top quality at a great price. Why choose the Edgy doorstop? 

The multi-functional Edgy doorstop is a well-designed doorstop which will look good in any home. Great-looking, scratch-proof and hard-wearing. You can also use it as a window stop.

The five advantages of the Edgy doorstop:

1. Hard-wearing, indestructible and scratch-proof  The Edgy doorstop is made from TPE (Thermo Plasto Elastomeer) and will last for a lifetime. This hard-wearing synthetic material is strong, practically indestructible, flexible and bendy. The Edgy doorstop has absolutely no sharp edges, ensuring that doors, windows, floors and walls remain 100% scratch-free

2. Easy and flexible to use The Edgy doorstop is bendy and flexible. It is very simple to attach under doors or windows and is also easy to remove. Suitable for all types of doors and windows, including heavier designs. Fits doors and windows of all heights.

3. Aesthetic design and great colours The Edgy doorstop is great-looking, beautifully designed and available in a choice of four fabulous colours: black, red, purple and chocolate. There is sure to be a colour which will match your interior perfectly.

4. Ventilating your home has never been simpler There’s no need for expensive tilting windows or doors with built in ventilation panels. The Edgy doorstop is all you need to ensure that your home is well ventilated and to banish mould, stuffy air and damp walls. Simply slide the doorstop between the door and the floor or between the window and the frame to allow the fresh air to flow freely. 

5. Top quality at a great price and made in Europe The Edgy doorstop is produced in Belgium and in an affiliate in Poland. It is a top quality product at an extremely attractive price. This is an excellent European product which works really well and will last a lifetime. 

Get the Edgy doorstop for your house now – ordering and paying couldn’t be simpler. 

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